Lab News

8. October 2019

We had the absolute please to host Patrik Nosil (CEFE, Montpellier) this week.  It was great to talk to Patrik about fitness landscapes, epistasis, speciation, stick insects, and experimental evolution with yeast. Such an inspiring and fun visit, thanks Patrik!

7. October 2019

We have budded again this week! We are welcoming a new lab member, Noah Gettle! Noah has just finished his PhD in Mike Travisano’s lab and is now off to new yeast adventures in our lab. Welcome, Noah! Looking forward to working with you.

14. September 2019

New paper out in Molecular Biology and Evolution led by Devin Bendixsen and Zebin Zhang! Read here how recombination puzzle-pieces together F2 hybrid genomes from vastly divergent species and still makes a fit and fertile individual!

Screen Shot 2019-09-16 at 10.24.44


2. August 2019

Whohoo! Ciaran’s opinion paper on hybridization and aneuploidy in yeast, and how both might contribute to adaptation, is now online and open access in Yeast!

Screen Shot 2019-08-02 at 10.27.29

31. July 2019

In other news, I received this plant for my birthday! Thanks lab, you are as sweet as this bonsai pineapple (will hopefully be one day if I don’t kill it).


30. July 2019

With a bit of a delay, welcome to undergrad student Viktoria Köppa! Viktoria is doing an internship in our lab, working on fine-tuning different stressful environments for our evolution experiments.

28 May 2019

We are thinking about rebranding the lab… wonder if that’s ok with SU?



17 May 2019

The Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation published a little blurb about our research on their website. Read here. And no, I do not spend my days gazing at dissected tetrads under the fume hood. Especially not without a lab coat! 🙂

7 May 2019

Our lab won the departmental photo competition, wohoo! Here is the winner (idea and photo by Alessandro Devigili, streaking by Rike). We call it “One tree to rule them all”! 🙂


12. February 2019

Welcome to Julie Grosse Sommer who is visiting us from Maastricht University this spring semester. She is working on her BSc thesis and competing yeast hybrids against their parents in the lab!

9. January 2019

We are looking for enthusiastic Master’s students who want to work with experimental evolution and Saccharomyces budding yeast in beautiful Stockholm. We have exciting projects available, e.g. on temperature-dependent fitness effects of outcrossing!

7. January 2019

Happy new year everyone, and congratulations to my PhD student Ciaran Gilchrist for winning a travel grant from the Alice och Lars Siléns Fond! Well done, Ciaran!

11. December 2018

Congrats to postdoc Devin Bendixsen for winning a prestigious postdoctoral fellowship for incoming researchers from the Wenner Gren Foundation! Really looking forward to continue working on hybrid fitness landscapes with you, Devin!

11. December 2018

We had our very first guest speaker over today, Dr. David Berger from Uppsala University! David gave a fascinating talked packed with beautiful data on the condition-dependence of mutation rates and the effect of temperature on the strength of selection. Here’s hoping to a fun and productive collaboration between our labs!

9. December 2018

I went to a fancy reception in honour of the 2018 Nobel Laureates today, in the stately Nordiska Museet of Stockholm. I only got a glimpse of Frances Arnold, but the champagne and the pickled herring appetizers were delish!

9. November 2018

We finally have our own lab Twitter account, many thanks to Alex Rêgo!

16. October 2018

We have just uploaded ideas for interesting Master’s research projects in the lab. Have a look at the Stockholm University Master Project page for more information. If you are interested, drop me an email!

3. October 2018

We are excited to announce that we are looking for 2 more postdocs to join the Stelkens lab! For more information see this ad on evoldir.

1. October 2018

A warm Välkommen till Sverige and the Stelkens Lab to our new lab members Devin Bendixsen and Alexandre Rêgo! Devin just finished his PhD on some very cool and innovative empirical fitness landscapes at Boise State University in Idaho, and Alex just graduated with an MSc from Utah State University on rapid adaptation in the seed beetle. From one charismatic model system to the next, Alex! Ironically, even though Devin and Alex moved around the world for their new adventures in Europe, they are now reunited in the same office.