October 2019 – The whole happy yeast bunch

548f0663-a2b7-49ec-91d4-7c2718cb6d98On a recent lab outing to Skånsen (Stockholm’s open air museum). We are eight nationalities and counting! Some new additions to the lab are not on the picture yet but we will work on that once it’s safe to meet again. Yes, some of us (me) are holding the flag upside down…


Rike Stelkens (Group Leader)


I am an evolutionary biologist interested in the generation and the maintenance of biodiversity. I study the effect of genetic exchange between populations and species on adaptation to environmental change. I have a fishy background but have now converted to the awesome power of yeast genetics.

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Wallenberg Academy Fellow


 Devin Bendixsen (Wenner Gren Postdoc)


Devin is a bioinformatician specializing in computational genomics and empirical fitness landscape construction and analysis. His research interests range from mutational interactions and their effect on mutational pathways to genetic mechanisms underlying evolutionary adaptation. He is currently focusing on understanding the role of hybridization in genetic adaptation to novel environments using barcode lineage tracking in yeast strains.



 Noah Gettle (Postdoc)


Noah is an evolutionary biologist. He is broadly interested in the origins of biological complexity with a focus on understanding how interactions within and between levels of biology (e.g. genomics, cell physiology, and cellular interactions) can generate complex phenotypes and constrain/expand evolvability.




 Dragan Stajic (Postdoc)

Dragan is interested in the molecular and cellular mechanisms affecting evolutionary processes. During his PhD, he investigated the role of epigenetic mechanisms of inheritance, such as histone modifications, in evolutionary adaptation. Dragan is currently working on the evolution of antibiotic resistance and the molecular basis of phenotypic switching, a mechanism by which one genotype produces two distinct phenotypes, which may help adaptation to complex environment.



 Ciaran Gilchrist (PhD student)

Ciaran waterfall

Ciaran’s PhD focuses on comparing the risks and benefits of hybridization for adaptation to changing and stressful environments. The yeast populations he is evolving in divergent environments have just reached 1000 generations!


 Alexandre Rêgo (PhD student)


Alex’s interests lie broadly in evolutionary biology and population genetics. His PhD research uses experimental evolution to describe the origin, dynamics, and outcomes of adaptation to novel environments. He is currently working on understanding how different sources of genetic variation shape the dynamics of adaptation.




Maria de la Paz Celorio Mancera (Researcher)


Maria is a part time researcher in the group, managing the lab and the different sequencing projects.






Erik Zhivkoplias (MSc student)

2017 NIAID CFC event- Staff Portraits

Erik is a student from Uppsala University, doing his MSc project in our lab. Erik is comparing the performance of different methods and software tools to estimate selection coefficients, using time-series genomic data from different model systems (yeast, seed beetles, and stick insects).






Viktoria Köppä (lab technician and MSc student)

Viktoria Köppa

Viktoria is an undergrad student at Stockholm University. She is helping us out with lots of things in the lab, e.g. with fine tuning simple and complex stress environments, dissecting the tetrads of divergent yeast crosses and making media.





Lara Beckmann (lab technician and MSc student)

Lara Beckmann

Lara is an undergrad student at Stockholm University.  She is working on the evolution of telomere length in yeast populations adapting to stressful conditions. Lara is using experimental evolution, optical density measures, and a PCR-based approach.



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 Zebin Zhang (Carl Trygger Postdoc)


Zebin is a bioinformatician and molecular biologist. He is working with ddRADseq and long read seq data from interspecific yeast hybrids to understand how hybrid genomes are assembled and selected under environmental stress, testing predictions of quantitative genetics with a special focus on epistasis. Zebin is also interested in the adaptive value of ploidy variation, and in detecting signatures of domestication in the genome.


 Claire Brice (Postdoc)

Claire is a microbiologist and biotechnologist interested in understanding genetic adaptation to changing and stressful environments.




Julie Grosse-Sommer (BSc student)


Julie is a BSc student from Maastricht University doing the lab work for her thesis in our lab. She measures fitness and runs direct competition assays between the strains coming out of Ciaran’s long-term evolution study.